Thursday, April 29, 2010

Early. Coffee. Just finished making lunches. Slept a little more last night. Called yesterday afternoon and they told me that it is normal to not be used to the mask by now and not sleeping with it all night. Just keep doin' what I'm doin'.

I am quite happy to have just heard on the morning news that Brett Michael is responding to stimulation. I have always liked him even though his music isn't my thing. I think he's just a really nice guy at heart.

I have so many books sitting here that I want to read. Seriously, like 5 or 6. I have to just be firm in that I need to put aside a couple of hours a day to commit to reading.

Also, I need to commit to journaling a little every day. I haven't done anything in it for awhile :(

I need to take more pictures of Bubba. He is getting so big and just amazing. I love that baby so very much.


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