Tuesday, March 10, 2009

This is my 100th post!!! Go me! That means one of two things...I 'talk' a lot or well, there isn't an 'or', I just 'talk' a lot. Deal with it.

This is my brain. I guess all those little white spots shouldn't be there. What-Ever!

In pain tonight. I feel like a broken record but there is a lot of pain in my life right now. Hopefully the new doctor will have some ideas on how to best address this pain.

I had a very nice evening...Thank You Todd!

Troubled by something that I will keep to myself. I guess life can't all be fun and games. You gotta deal with the crap too.


  1. That's kinda cool to me. I'm excited over the stem cell research. It could help so many including the two of us. I'm sorry you're in so much pain.

  2. Uhhmmm, it took me SO long to figure out that was a picture of your brain. I thought when you said "this is my brain" you were saying talking a lot was how your brain was, due to the white spots.

    I know, I know..blonde.. :)