Wednesday, March 4, 2009

My legs hurt so bad right now that I can't sit still. Seriously, it is bad. What happens if it keeps getting worse and worse? I am on 2 different pain killers that I take twice daily each and it still only HELPS with the pain. I swear, I'll deck the person that turns their nose up at me for smoking pot. It is the ONLY thing that makes it stop. I can't just be high all of the time though and it's a hard balance. I'm scared though for the future. Will the pain just get worse and worse or is this as bad as it's gonna get? No one seems to be able to tell me that. That's all fine but, pass the bong.

In April they start accepting applications for permits to have medicinal marijuana here in Michigan. If you get approved you then go to a clinic in Southfield to get your prescription. It is unclear at this point if insurance will pay for it. In all likelihood I will still have to pay for it but not be breaking the law anymore to do it. You can also have up to 12 plants in your home. IF you can successfully grow it you will certainly save money.

For the most part (other than the pain) you wouldn't know I have MS. I am lucky enough that it hasn't affected my walking. I can see subtle changes but I don't think others can....I don't know. I have days where I walk slower and the basement stairs are getting harder and harder to go up and down. There is the occasional bought with numbness in my hands and/or legs. I got my handicap sticker for the car a little over a year ago and walked out of Secretary of State crying.

Hello. My name is Vickie and I have Multiple Sclerosis.

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  1. This work speaks volumes. I am sorry you feel like crap. It's my opinion they should have made pot legal years and years ago. They'll give you a Loritab easy enough and it's just going to destroy your liver but no you can't have pot. My uncle has smoked for as long as I can remember and he is the healthiest of his siblings. I think that speaks volumes. I could rattle off alot of family who smoke but I think they'd get alittle angry with me. If it were a drug company who held the means to get it it would have already been on the shelves. Drug companies control our country. I'm ranting. Sorry.