Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I miss my kids. They are all coming for dinner on Sunday :)

Not doing great. Depression sucks. I've spent the better part of the last 3 days in the bed. I finally got up today and forced myself to shower. I smell better if nothing else.

I want to thank my 'father' and others for instilling in me the belief that I am never good enough. You guys rock.

That was sarcasm.

Pain in my legs and hips is bad right now. Mark rubbed them for me last night but that only works while it's happening, no residual effect. MS also sucks.

I need Spring. I need to sit out on the deck and close my eyes and feel the breeze against my face. It's 25 degrees out now. At least the sun is out.


  1. Bubba's got some big cheeks :). It's so weird to look at what he looked like a year ago, and now.

    I miss you too, and can't wait til Sunday ♥

  2. I hated Monday. I was a mess too. I'm thinking there are alot of people needing Spring right now. I know I do. Your dad and my mom should get together. I love my mom and she's super creative but she is a real piece of scary work sometimes and if you were to talk to her you would think she has only one child, my sister. I'm not sure if I have ever done anything to make her proud of me. It really sucks.
    Try to have a better day. Do something fun.I'm going to try too.
    I could kiss those fat cheeks all day long. He's a doll.