Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Went to the doctor yesterday. I'm disappointed that they didn't seem as concerned about the itching as I am. They decided that it IS Neuropathic Itch and doubled my daily dose of Tegretal. If that doesn't work I have to go see a dermatologist. There is no clear 'cure' for the itching....just basically try to control it. I asked her point blank if the MS is progressing and she said 'Yes and No'. She said that I haven't moved to the next level but I have gotten worse. I don't even know what to say about this so I will just move on.

OH....she also let me know that in June she is moving to Virginia! Now I have to find a new Neurologist. Sigh. She is the one who gave me the diagnosis in the hospital. I love her.

As you can see I have a lot to do today. 'Cinderella, Cinderella.....'

I want to touch on something here because I don't think I've made it clear....we (Mark & I) live with our best friends (Todd & Chris) and their daughter (Jessica) in a beautiful, loving home. We ALL made this decision after much consideration. It works for everyone. Mark, Todd & Chris all work full time so I take care of the house stuff (cleaning, shopping, cooking) during the day. In opening up their home to us they got us out of a lease we didn't want to sign, a house we hated, out from under grown kids who needed to be on their own and put us ALL in a situation where we are all able to save money for a change since we split costs here. This works for us. We are ALL very happy. Someone left a nasty, anonymous comment here yesterday about our living situation and I think she hoped it would upset me (I know who it was) but it just made me laugh at her and realize just how miserable her life must be that this was how she felt her time was best spent. I am a very straight-forward person and if I have something to say I don't hide behind anonymous comments. Enough said. I've spent as much of my precious time on this as I intend to.

Moving on....I'm off to wash dishes. YAY!


  1. I'm so sorry someone was mean. I think living in big household especially multigenerational ones are great. I've done it when I was between husband one and two and I felt very loved and managed to have enough money to take care of myself and Hannah when she was born. I like quiet but I get that at work and here when everyone is off doing their thing but I also enjoy all the personalitiies intermixing. I think more people could benefit from your arrangement as people are now struggling to pay their bills. I try not to curse but I'd have ben alot nastier than you in my post- missionary or not- I don't like crap from anyone.
    Nicer note. I've found some old maps I've been saving from natl geo and some other old papers and I'm going to make me a journal! I am so excited that I have goosebumps. god, I hope it doesn't look like crap when I finish. Hang in there sweetie. I'll pray you find a sweet doctor while I'm praying for a decent one for myself!

  2. Forgot to say. I LOVE THE TO DO LIST! I hate doing dishes too.

  3. :)
    A few things:
    1) People fcking suck at life, I'm sorry. :(
    2) I'm sorry your tummy is itchy.
    3) We cannot both be cinderelly, for the record.
    4) You should make me MAIL ART!

  4. okay not sure if this is going to work...i know u from livejournal, and i must say its nice to be reading your entries again on here...they are very thought provoking and i love the art you post...i was starting to miss the entries we all used to write on livejournal, where our thoughts made sense even when they didnt. hugs babe hope the itching gets better. do u sell your art at all?

  5. I want to know if you sell it as well. I love your work!!!!