Thursday, February 5, 2009

Catherine: You did something wrong in your layout won't let me post a comment. I love finally have a blog!!! Yes, people suck and I will make you mail art!

Bluegoddess: I am SOOOO happy that you are reading!!! I miss you! If you see anything (art) that you like just ask and it's yours. No, I don't sell it, I give it away to my friends and you are one of them!

More later.....


  1. I can't believe I did my layout wrong :( I just took one offline, I'm SO lost when it comes to this website haha. I love you too, and you finally had one of these web journals before me! ;)

  2. ahh, thank ya babe...i have some photos that i could do in do u create a blog on here? im not feeling livejournal as much and i feel like myspace and facebook aren't private enough and too many friends are on there for me to post my thoughts. i'm rambling.