Monday, May 10, 2010

I am seriously in so much pain. My hips are killing me. Like, just standing sometimes takes me to my knees. So, you can imagine what walking is like. This is BS. This is MS. My whole life is ruled by it. It is a part of every moment. I never get a break from it. If I am not in pain there is another symptom showing it's ugly face.

New one: I can't tell you how many things I dropped over the weekend.

New one: Tremors. My hands and feet shake and jerk spontaneously.

It's great. Really. ****.

Moving on.

I had all of my kids AND Bubba in the house at the same time yesterday and forgot to take a picture. However, later in the day MY Mother stopped by and we did get a picture of FOUR generations, together, in the same picture! How awesome is that?

IF I were computer savvy I would know how to get those pics down her where I was talking about them. Whatever.
Bubba, as usual, was THE cutest thing EVER. I love that baby so much. When you think you could never love someone as much as you love your kid, along comes grand-children. It is a love that I can't describe. Smiles.
Mark cooked yesterday. He made a huge pot of beef stew and I made cornbread, pineapple upside down cake and salad. That man can cook! I'm not sure. But, I think I man have had an orgasm at one point. I'm just sayin'.
Taking a break from cleaning the kitchen. I have to do that. Clean in shifts. It is what it is.
The days are into spring, letting go of winter. The sun is shinning brightly and though there is a crispness to the air this morning I have a couple of windows open just so I can smell the flowers that have bloomed and the neighbors out mowing their grass have gifted me the smell of fresh cut grass. Heavenly.
OMG! Christopher and Mercede got me another frog ( I now have 6 in 3 different cages) for Mother's Day!!! A pacman frog! They are so cute. I have to get a picture of it still and name it. So far we I have 3 fire-bellied frogs named Henry, Gertrude & Jeremiah. Two tree frogs named Sid & Nancy and now a pacman frog, name-less.
Ok, back to dishes.
Play amongst yourselves.

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  1. I enjoy cooking like this, I wish there was more time to try different things. Mothers Day was a good day!