Monday, October 19, 2009

I am frustrated. Feeling creative. I AM going to start working on my website and FIX what I didn't like.

I AM going to start working in my journal more. I look at it laying here next to me every day and I have been neglecting it terribly.

I FINALLY have an appointment with the 'pot' doctor on the 30th. I don't know how long it takes after the visit to get my license but at least the ball is rolling. And, before you me something else that can help my pain the way that pot does and we will talk.

PAIN is constant of late and just almost unbearable. I see the neurologist on the 27th and I have to get copies of my records for the 'other' doctor. I will be starting physical therapy soon as well. Hopefully that will help with the stiffness. This disease sucks.

We spent the night in Ann Arbor after a day on trails and walking thru downtown. We had a GREAT time. Pictures to follow as soon as I upload them to the computer.

My hips are KILLING me right now. Everything hurts but the hips are the worst. Sigh.

Rhiannon, Hunter and Joe came to dinner last night. I LOVE my kids so much and miss them. Bubba is such a ham. He is just the cutest thing ever!

I spent the morning watching Suzi Blu videos. I just love this woman and her talent AMAZES me. She is just so damn talented. I'd LOVE to do art with her.

Carry on.

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  1. I am so glad they are changing the whole pot thing nationwide. It's about time. I've got Strep...Thanks to Hannah. Love you and feel better!