Monday, May 4, 2009

Saturday us girls spent the day together hitting thrift stores and used book stores. We had a blast. Who knew you could get 4 chicks into a dressing room at the Salvation Army? So, this was our day!

I got this book for Todd :) There is writing on the inside cover to Madeline from Janice. It's so cute. And now, it's ours. Don't you just wish you knew the story behind things?

Me & Jess messing around on the porch waiting for Catherine to get here. Goof Balls!

The whole gang....ready to go!

Catherine's jazzy new ring!


This is my new friend whom I have affectionately named St. Vincent De Paul. He can hang with Pete during the day. I couldn't leave him there. He looked so lonely!

My handful of finds for the day including my perfectly good Polaroid camera for $3.99! This is Caroline the frog. And Yes, I WILL carry her as a purse from time to time. She was a steal at 99 cents! She can hang with the guys!

The girls in the dressing room at Salvation Army.

No day would be complete without a foot shot!

Jessica texting in the used book store.

Chris chillin' in the truck.

The hot guys in the car next to us that we were flirting with!

Feet. Jessica's. Too bad they were too tight. They were so cool!

Trying on sun glasses. Chris must have been in the dressing room.

Check Spelling
Jessica playing with my Polaroid, looking all boss in her new clothes :) We had a blast! What a fun day!!!

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