Saturday, May 23, 2009

Concert was disappointing...let's leave it at that.

I am really hoping to get in some journaling this weekend. I have a pile of goodies and what-nots that I have been saving to use. I'm ready!

I am taking an online journaling class with Red Velvet Art! SO excited for that to start on the 1st!!! AND, Cathy is taking it with cool is THAT?

I have been up all night. Couldn't sleep. I feel bad for him, I kept interrupting his sleep. I finally got out of bed, left him a note saying to text me when he is up and I'll come back to bed ;)

Every once in awhile one of your kids does something that you find out about and it just makes your heart melt and you KNOW that you have done something right as a parent...Rhiannon. There is a guy who comes into her store regularly and his only means of transportation was his bike and somebody stole it. So I find out that Rhiannon went in with one of her employee's and bought this guy a new bike and surprised him with it when he came back into the store. Almost made me cry when I found out. I am so proud.

The sun is coming up and as I sit here sipping my coffee with Italian Creme I can hear the birds chirping.

You know what else I'd take (after-thought) if I had someone here local to do it with me, a drawing class...maybe at the college.

Todd is sick with a nasty cold. We're all probably gonna get it.

We had thick n' juicy burgers off of the George Foreman last night with fresh corn on the cob and chocolate french silk pie for dessert...Mmmmm...followed by wine, pot and the hot tub. And just remember what the sign says...'What happens in the hot tub, stays in the hot tub!'

Mark is getting put thru the wringer at work. If he doesn't want to get laid off for a week he has to work afternoons all next week AND he IS getting laid off for 2 weeks in July. This shit is killing us. He went from 65 hrs a week down to 48 (at best) and now lay offs? We are definitely hurting right now. But, isn't everybody?

I have to do some serious cleaning next week. I think I shall call this the 'Week ~O~ Cleaning'. I need to dust like MAD and the floors need to be mopped. That kind of cleaning. Fun stuff. Maybe I will enlist Catherine's help? She is cheap labor! Love you Babe!

Jessica is in Washington with her Dad for the weekend so I went to the liquor store and came out with a 'box~o~booze' yesterday. Already visited the 'other' store this week so we are all set for a relaxing, fun filled weekend.

Hoping for some photo opportunities this weekend too. Todd got me the Sony Cyber Shot for Christmas and I LOVE that camera! It is so easy to use and takes a great picture. Now that I have my OWN camera I find myself looking EVERYWHERE for opportunities, even down at the ground when I walk!

We are all going to The Warren City Garage Sale tomorrow. Looks like fun and I am taking the camera!

Ok, I think that's about it for now...I've rambled for long enough. Thanks for stopping by and I hope that everyone has a safe, relaxing holiday weekend.

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