Thursday, April 16, 2009

This is Pete & Penny. Pete is a candy dispenser and as you can see he has a handy fan to cool himself off with...cause he's such a hot little dude.

Now, there is a story here. When I am high they all tease me about over-eating M&M's. They will take turns whispering 'M&M' when my back is turned and shit like that. Todd is deaf and when he tired of saying 'M&M' he started using the sign language for it, which looks something like a spider coming at you! So as you can imagine, it freaks me out when I am high and they all get off on it.

So, I bought Pete and modified him. Gave him blood-shot eyes and rolled him a special joint of basil (can't waste the good stuff, which, BTW Al, is now 'White', my new fav).

Pete comes out and chills with us when we are high. Yeah, I know we all sound like we are stoners sitting around the table like in That 70's Show. Well, ok. So we are. What's your point? We are having a mid-life crisis. The crisis being that we are stressed and in pain and damnit, we just like it! There!

So at Easter I see Penny in the store and buy her as a joke for Todd. I figured Penny needed a man. She has needs too. So, Todd and I have this little 'game' going where we take turns hiding Penny around the house. I found her fairly easy (more pics soon) this morning and now she is chillin' in an undisclosed location waiting for Todd to find her.

How old is you, 10?

Inside joke.


  1. is Penny living out some kind of fantasy for Pete in the bunny costume? Alittle kinky.

  2. Ooh, I got a mention in the blog. I feel honored. White is the new purple, huh? Groovy!