Thursday, April 23, 2009

Continued.....Let's see.....couple of hours later.....fed the wallet, danced some more in kitchen, did ANOTHER load of laundry, went to hiding place and checked on Penny (yeah, I know), hatched plan for gnome, shaved legs, fed the canines and sewed a shirt for Jess.


Got turned down by Social Security.
Discovered that my laptop won't run Sims 3 when it comes out!
VERY bummed about the above :(
I am out of the 'good stuff'.....just the crap that doesn't get me high.
VERY bummed about the above :(
I just sat down and got comfy and I have to pee!
It all hurts today.....hips to the toes.

Anyway, toodles kiddies.


  1. You are having way too much fun!
    Don't worry about SS. They turn down everybody at least once my mom knew a guy who had a year to live and they turned him down twice only to approve him 6 months after he had died. They can be real ass holes. My mom got turned down twice too. She hates them. People that are legit in being sick and then the phonies get approved like the snap of a finger. Al's ex got approved first time because she hurt her back. She's out F***ing watersking and four wheelin. Pisses me off. I turned her in and they called back to say they had to have proof and not enough man power to watch her 24/7 so they closed the case. Morons. You keep trying. You'll get there. I'm going to pray on it.

  2. Hey, I've been sewing today. I feel like crap. I haven't slept well all week and it's caught up with me. I'm sorry you are doing poorly today. I wish I could think of something that would help.
    I would love to shot the deer. I would have venison coming out my Butt from here on end but there is a no hunting law in this area. It sucks.
    Al should be home some time today. It's 86 degrees here. I'm burning up! I refused to turn the air on but caved about 10 minutes ago. I'm weak what can I say. Take it easy!