Sunday, March 22, 2009

We all went out to dinner at Applebee's...I wasn't impressed. Came home, got high and now they are all out in the hot tub. I can't go in because heat worsens your MS symptoms and brings on exacerbation's.

So here I sit, a quite (except for the frickin' dog crying at the door because they are out and he wants to be out too) house, sipping my Diet Coke...wondering if anything is on TV tonight.

Oh, look at that...somebody lit the fireplace before they went out. Now, if I weren't high children (said the after school special voice over) I'd have noticed that much sooner than I did.

Man, I crack myself up!

That dog is really getting on my nerves. Seriously.

Anyway...not in pain right now. Go weed!!! It will last a couple of hours. A little longer with really good stuff.

Ok, gotta go take my shot. Toodles!

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