Sunday, March 22, 2009

This is what a Swedish Pan Cake looks like when prepared by one who has waked and baked!!! Mind you, not I. I can still cook when I'm high. Chris however, can' evidenced in said picture. Now, here's the scary thing...somebody still ate it!!!

Now, for Cathy: Wake and Bake is when you get up, do nothing but pee and then get high. OMG, it's such a mellow, relaxing high because your body is relaxed from sleeping all night. It is such a good high.

Todd comes home today!!!!! I miss him so much. This house isn't the same without him. I miss my morning hugs and night time cuddling on the couch in front of the TV.

Catherine and I hung out at the book store yesterday. I was disappointed to learn that Montel's new book isn't about MS at all. It's a motivational book about emotional healing. So, I grabbed several other things I'd been wanting to check out, a couple of magazines and headed for one of those big, comfy chairs. We hung out for about 2 hours doing that and came back here for lunch and then Mark took her home.

Christopher and Mercede came over last night. That was really nice. I miss him a lot. He got the car running and he's gonna be laid off all next week. He said his back has been feeling better so that's good. I was hoping Rhiannon would come by when she got off but she didn't.

Today I am just going to get dressed, finish the load of laundry I already put in, read my Artful Blogging magazine and wait impatiently for Todd.


  1. My family is laughing at me because you are now having to translate to me what some of your slang means. Hannah especially finds it funny that I am so sheltered a person. The pancake is so funny. I've cooked high on pain killers and people still ate it around here. Perhaps only to keep me from getting upset. Hope your man gets home and makes up for all the lost cuddling time.

  2. Ummm, no comment on the Swedish Pancake...

    I'm glad we got to hang out yesterday :D I love reading at the bookstores

    I love you ♥