Saturday, March 14, 2009

It's so quiet in here right now. I'm the only one up, sitting here drinking my coffee. The kitchen is a mess because of course, we were high last night. You know...leaving the mess in the kitchen for the morning always seems like a good idea at night when you don't feel like doing it but, it seems like a terrible idea the next morning.

I know I need a shower after I get that kitchen cleaned up but other than that, don't know what I'll do with my day.


  1. Good morning Sunshine! I need to get on here when I get up! Do something fun today. Watch you favorite movie or draw. I drew a sketch of Kate last night and played with watercolors. We had fun watching the Most Haunted show and drawing. Do you hang your work? It's really good. I'm going to start rambling as i've already had like 4 cups of coffee. Feel Good, Play, and Be Happy....