Friday, March 6, 2009

Happy today. TGIF!!! It is 65 degrees outside and I have the door wall open so we can get some fresh air in here while it lasts. It'll snow next week. Mark my word.

Can't wait to see the kids on Sunday!

Hi Cathy! How are you today Dear?

I'm so tired and just fatigued today. I slept good last night too. Comes with the territory I suppose.

Toodles Kiddies!


  1. How can you always look so amazing even when you feel bad? I'm glad you feel better. I felt like crap all day. This has been one weird messed up week. I couldn't even remember to take my meds so today has been withdrawl from hell. This weather is so amazing but you are right it will snow again cause we couldn't get that lucky. I need a Bubba to nap with. Love you!

  2. Hey Chick, What's for dinner today? Is Bubba coming? Give him a kiss for me too! Love you!