Wednesday, February 18, 2009

4:20 AM....have I mentioned how much I hate MS lately? I am awake, made lunches and my hips are KILLING ME. I hate this. You know...even when I was diagnosed I never really got mad. I cried for about a half an hour and cried again when I told Mark, Todd & my Mother and from that moment I just accepted it as the hand that I was dealt but as time goes by and new symptoms pop up I am losing my positive attitude about it. The weakness in my hands and legs, constant bladder infections, changes in the way that I walk, numbness, itching and my favorite of all....nerve pain. The pain gets so bad. It is worse in my hips than in my legs but they get bad too. It's kinda like that menstrual pain that you get in your hips with cramps only worse and add a burning feeling to that. Sounds like fun, huh? I know, I know....nobody likes a whiner but I figure I have a right to the occasional pity's the least that life could do.

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  1. I'm sorry you are feeling like crap today. I am too -let's go for coffee and brownies and follow that with more chocolate. I even suck at being funny. We gotta stick together. I can't imagine how you cope but I think you do an awesome job. I have been a real pain in the *** lately. It's time for my trip to Cleveland Clinic to make sure my cancer hasn't come back and I'm putting it off. My procrastinating is affecting everything I do.I am in the worst mood ever. I know I have a UTI in my fake bladder but can't get into a MD so it's to the doc in the box and I wake up today with a cold and no voice. Crap!
    I need a road trip. How far away are you :)?
    Like I said....Let's stick together. Let's both make something pretty today! I'll make it for you. I'm inspired now. See! You did it again!