Monday, January 12, 2009

Today is one of those I HATE MS days. My legs are killing me. My hands hurt. I am fatigued like you wouldn't believe and I am so tired of taking this shot. I try to tell myself that this was just the hand that I was dealt and that looking at the big picture I could be much worse off but it's real hard not to have the occasional pity party.


  1. I think I am the expert party planner for pity parties! I know what you mean. I get mad alot. I always lived a clean life. Did what I should to be healthy and then found out at the age of 43 I had bladder cancer. I was so mad..Never smoked and didn't drink. I thought "well, that's what clean livin' will get you". I have an artificial bladder now and live each day as it comes. I love my kids and am thankful. I am not always perky. I like a good wallow and cry but I pick myself back up. If you need a kind word to get up I'll give it. You are 'Blessed'.